The Amateur Radio Education Fund has issued three $1000 scholarships, but otherwise has been pretty much handcuffed for the last couple of years because Covid closed the swapfests. But, we will return at the Circus City Swapfest on August 27th. We will have a table full of freebie items that are on person’s treasure, maybe yours, as well as lots of other good stuff. We’ve started sorting through accumulated goodies and have discovered some items worth mentioning in advance.

Diamond X3200 triband VHF/UHF vertical, $50.00. Checks out OK with SWR meter.

Diamond MX-324 triband splitter (for above item?), $50.

Viking Matchstick restoration project. It appears the tubing, base unit and control box are there, but really needs cleaning up and parts refurbished. Make an offer. We’d love to see it play again.

HyGain TB3 mast bearing, $100. It’s cleaned up with new SS hardware where replaced.

Cushcraft A3 triband yagi, $100. It will need some refurbishment.

Alpha Delta sloper, $25. I think it is for 160/80 meters, not sure. Lots of new wire and insulators.

Sidearms, pair, for Rohn HBDX type towers, $40. Eliminate cobble jobs with the real thing.

Kantronics KAM64 in original box with a bunch of other goodies for it, $25.

You may visit us on Of course we appreciate donations of useful radio equipment and cash.

C U at the Circus City Swapfest August 27th.